Cross Industry Portfolio

Achieve business goals

  • Better understand the customer through data acquisition and analytics of customer behavior and needs.
  • Drive efficiency in production and reduce cost and better processes .
  • Create new business models to adapt to market change.

Visibility and trace-ability through the whole value chain

Been able to follow whats happening throughout the whole business process for supplier to end customers. 

We help you achieve your business goals

From considering Industry 4.0 technology to pilots and projects. evaluating the business impact and ROI in any initiative. we are there to help you.

Building blocks Industry 4.0

Solution Integration


IIoT Industry 4.0, fourth industrial revolution pose a big challenge on selecting adequate solution to meet your needs, our experience, strategy consulting and relationship with partners and providers help your organization meet business goals. in the Internet of things and smart factory initiatives.

Sensors and Actuators


We offer a wide range of device sensors, actuators, Communication devices and technologies to help you capture data from your processes. in manufacturing and General IIoT.

Communication equipment and solutions


Communication equipment, solutions and services to connect sensors with intelligent systems on premises or the cloud, making use of different protocols  and technologies.

Intelligence Systems & Analytics


Data management, security, integration,  analytics, simulations  and Big Data analisis. on premises or on the cloud. 

Solution Kits


Pre Packaged solutions for rapid IoT Pilot deployment with little customization, Water Management Solutions,  Cold Chain IoT, smart factory and others.

Product development for IoT


Customized device development for specific customer needs.


Technology Building Blocks

Our Services

Crafting a new Digital Vision


Identify Business Challenges in the new IoT era, take advantage of your assets and new technologies and prepare to compete in the future.

Build an IoT Architecture


Identify multiple technologies and Solutions that help your organization achieve your business goals in an orchestrated manner.

A Roadmap for Industry4.0


let's discuss how IoT and Industry 4.0 can impact your business and create a roadmap to transform your business

Prepare for IoT and Industry 4.0


 IoT and Industry 4.0 are simple concepts, but don't let them fool you. Your organization needs to be prepare to incorporate IoT and your digital transformation 

Plan your Execution of IoT and Industry 4.0


Start small plan for big, we help you define your implementation strategy for IoT.

Implementing Projects and Pilots


We help you define and develop  projects to reduce risk and time of implementation. Including pilot projects and experiments

Our Partners