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About Us

Experience you can count on

AUTOMATIZACION GROUP represents  a group of companies that participate in a regional market. Providing  technology solutions, automation, instrumentation and control systems, with best in class partners to augment our capacities and reach. 

Mission statements – we make our customer succeed in transformation of their business  in their new Digital  Vision and achieving operational excellence,  excel in customer experience, satisfaction and help develop new business models through the use on Digital Technologies, improving processes and the organization. 

Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and  opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with  timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. We also offer  a suite of quality products that will help you get there quickly and  smoothly. That’s how we ensure your success.

Some of us

Innovating for more than 50 years


Our founder has been innovating for more than 50 years, devoted to Industry automation and instrumentation, engineering software, 25 year + University Professor, device development for IoT. Electrical Engineer. 

Oswaldo D .Montbrun


Our Visionary for the IoT


Our visionary CTO in Connected technologies is helping us and our customers drive change in the new IoT era. Expert on services and Managed services for HP and Compaq for more than 12 years, Smart Home and IoT Consumer. Mechanical Engineer.

Andres E Montbrun


Leader in Tech Industry


Devoted General manager for the High Tech Industry, leading DELL Venezuela for more than 11 years. leading the organizations for excellence and high performance. experience in companies like ABB, Oracle, Compaq. Computer Engineer. 

Giorgio Molinari


Strength, Commitment and Passion


Every organization have its guru and  leader that glue everything and drives us to achieve our goal. Excellence in operations, customer and Suppliers network. Business Management . 

Nelson Vasquez A.


Developers and Engineers


A dedicated team of engineers and Developers who makes reality the solutions and imprint their passion to exeed customers expectations

Partner Ecosystems


We strongly believe that the only way to tackle the big challenge of the IoT implementation is based on relationship with partners and solution providers. 

Automation Projects


SCADA for Gas Pipeline Anaco-Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Design, build and commissioning of the SCADA system for a 1500 Km Oil Pipeline with more than 500 measuring variables. 1973.


Control System for Clear Water Treatment Plant

Design, build and commissioning of the control system for 24 filters. 1978.


Power Generation Boiler electronic Instrumentation and Control. La Fria, San Cristobal, Venezuela

First electronic Instrumentation and Control Systems for boilers in a  power generation system in la Fria San Cristobal. 1975.


Water Injection turbine in Oil fields, supervisory system

Design, programing and commissioning of the supervisory system for a Ruston turbine water injection system in oilfield application.  1980.


Oil Pumps Station automation

Design and programing and commissioning of the control system for the Oil pump station in Maraven in Zulia, Venezuela.


Oil Tanks measuring systems (+600)

Design specifications, install and commissioning of more than 600 Oil Tank Varec electronic measuring systems for refinery complex Amuay -El Palito, Tank Yards in Zulia. 


Plant design supervision and project management

Supervision and project management  for 25 plants complex design for Foster Wheeler in Puerto la Cruz Refinery, Venezuela.


Oil pipeline supervisory system Barinas-El Palito

Installation and commissioning for the supervisory system for a 650 plus  Kms oil pipeline for Barinas to El Palito. 


Petrochemical plant Bahia Brazil


Start-up of Varec Tank Level System for Petrochemical plant in Bahia Brazil. 


Refinery tank measuring systems in La Plata, Argentina


SCADA System for Oil Pipeline Colombia

System commissioning for EMC- DIGITAL SCADA system for Oil Pipe Caño Limón - Coveñas, in Colombia. 

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